The battle over naked butts and boobs on book covers still rages on after 40 years.

Self-published author Teri Brooks just had the cover of her second book filtered (censored) by Amazon after uploading it to print/publish. After several tries, and after adding a red stripe across the offending buttocks, the cover went through. But then she lost her status as a new release and that in turn put a big damper on her sales. To date she has only sold one copy. Her story can be found on her Google+ posts. 


In 1972, another author had a similar problem. Mickey Spillane wrote a book called The Erection Set with an end-to-end color photo of his nude wife (Sherri Malinou) on the cover. Thousands of copies went out to bookstores and, after some major controversy, had to be recalled costing thousands of dollars. They re-issued the book with a black strip across the offending nipples and it went on to sell thousands of copies.


According to Mrs. Spillane, it was her idea to do the photo nude. Spillane opposed the idea at first but finally consented, saying "Okay, I was tired of dogs anyway." None of my research has yet to produce a single Spillane cover with a dog on it. 










Dogs? What dogs? I don't see any dogs...