Lawrence is in the news this weekend. So is Lawrence.

Two items popped up with the name Lawrence today. One was about D.H. Lawrence, the author. He is mostly noted for long fiction like "Women in Love" and "Sons and Lovers," but he also wrote poetry. Apparently he wrote lots of it because there is new volume of his poems out from Cambridge University Press that runs over 1,400 pages long. Critics praise his poetry as much as his prose. But if you want to read all of it you'll have to cough up $250 for the book. Ouch. 




The other Lawrence in the news is T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia). A new book about his life and the history surrounding him is just out as well, entitled "Lawrence in Arabia" by author and journalist Scott Anderson. As Arab Spring continues to turn to a hot, arid summer this new history seems well timed for anyone wanting more background on the Middle East. The book is from  Doubleday, around $29.