The latest hot genre crossover: Amish romance, space travel and vampires. Amish?

What started as a joke a few years ago has become a hot new literary mashup genre that grew out of the Amish romance fiction genre. Amish Vampires in Space has just made the Amazon top 100 download list. Author Kerry Nietz notes he has never seen quite so much buzz in the book world as this new genre has generated.


The story explores the idea of Amish farmers being rescued from a remote space colony when they discover a vampire on board the space ship, and that leads to a conflict of conscience versus survival. Apparently the Amish faith disallows staking vampires in the heart to kill them, something to remember if you are Amish and decide to take a holiday in Transylvania.


This title and others are printed by Marcher Lord Press, a publisher of Christian fantasy and science fiction. Click on the photo for more info: