Look, up in the sky, it's a's a's a...motion book?

Not quite a comic book, not quite an animated feature, not quite a book...Madefire has developed a tool that liberates creatives - writers and illustrators - to develop comics that are enhanced with motion and sound. It's somewhat reminiscent of cheaply done handmade cartoons made for TV like Spiderman and the Hulk ("ain't he unglamoray?") but it is more sophisticated than that. 


Up to now the books only ran via apps for IOS but Madefire has recently partnered with Deviant Art to sell motion books for web browsers. Check it out for yourself. Digital publishing continues to open up new avenues of creativity that, while at first confusing, is always refreshing to see. I hope to cover this in more detail in an upcoming column for the Washington Times Communities Section.


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