Boomers: like the tv ad says, you're at the age you don't let things bother you. Yeah, sure.

I'm on a brief holiday from the newspaper column and left this short excerpt from my book "For Boomers Only" to hold my place in the meantime. For all the boomers out there...lighten up, enjoy life and above all always carry hardcover books to the beach just in case... 





If the red flags are up, you might find another use for a book other than reading.


Summertime Blues


One neat thing about being an adult is being able to drive myself to the beach with some new books to read, preferably printed on paper rather than the e-book variety. The beach can be a fascinating experience, somewhat like jumping into a deep fryer, but it is also something baby boomers find hard to give up. Despite countless sunburns, romantic disappointment and sand in places you didn’t know sand could get to, the beach is something indelibly imprinted into the universal consciousness of the entire “Pepsi Generation.” 



For Boomers Only


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