Another disgruntled reviewer with a bone to pick. This time Sci Fi is the "bad egg."

Is it something in the air or the water that is bringing out all this angst this weekend? Is the flap over Syria driving all the liberal-based reviewers to the surface like cream on milk? This reviewer is upset that science fiction has traditionally been dominated by white males who apparently have not attained some kind of quota for diversity. I try normally to ignore this stuff, but science fiction does not deserve this kind of unqualified political rant masquerading as literary criticism. 


It seems doubtful that the mix of sci fi content is the result of any kind of nefarious global plot, as suggested here, and the reviewer might benefit from some more reading since sci fi has always been more progressive than most other genres. As for the dearth of "diverse" authors, that's kind of a personal choice by writers and publishing doesn't recruit to meet quotas. I would refer the reviewer to the works of Robert Heinlein as place to start some more research before his next attempt at unnecessarily stirring the waters of discontent.


Nathan Fillion (left) and Richard Richard Brooks in the Fox TV show Firefly