All Hallow's Read 2013: ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties from Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman started a new Halloween tradition in 2010 that involves giving scary books as gifts. As he explains it: 



"Obviously, we support bookshops and authors, but more than that, this is about making a holiday tradition of book-giving. So feel free to give second-hand books or books from your own shelves. And feel just as free to buy a beautiful new book from a small independent bookseller, or from online or… look, there’s no wrong way to buy a book. You can even gift it to their Kindle … If you do not know what scary book to give someone, talk to a bookseller or a librarian. They like to help. Librarians will not mind even if you admit that you are not planning to take out a book, but instead you are going to buy one and give it to someone."


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