E-book sales on the decline: the beginning of the end?

The Book Industry Study Group (BISG) has just released the second part of a 4-year study of e-books and their impact on the book industry. E-books currently represent almost 30 percent of book sales, but sales growth for e-books overall has slowed down.


Some say the e-book market has finally matured, some say growth has slowed due to consumer resistance to change, competition from other media, and a shift from e-readers to tablets. According to BISG, 48% of consumers would pay more for a bundle of print and e-book, over half of consumers would be more likely to buy e-books if they could be given away or re-sold, and consumers generally don't care whether an e-book available from a traditional publisher or independently published. 


Expect to see more gimmicky marketing tactics to promote e-books. What do you think? Would you pay more for a bundle that includes both print and digital version? That seems to be working for movies (DVD + UltraViolet). Or would you find it irritating to be forced into buying an e-book if you only wanted the print version (or vice versa)?