What to do if you don't have a store to display books? Create a "best of" list.

Love it or hate it, Amazon manages to sell more books than any other retailer and yet doesn't have any physical stores. How to introduce new books to readers is a problem for online retail, and Amazon tries to get around that by putting out a "best of" list each year that they hope will draw attention to various books their editors supposedly select. Too often "best of" is based on best sales rather than literary merit, but at least they're trying. You might also wonder why a retailer has book editors. Can you say "publisher wannabe?" 


To promote even further, Amazon puts out a Kindle version of it's list, just shy of 100 pages long, that gives a brief description of each title. This is available as a free download, assuming you have a Kindle of course. Amazon has recently tried making some peace overtures to indie bookstores by offering to let them sell Kindles bundled with specially priced e-books, but many indie retailers feel that's just a way for Amazon to ultimately steal their clientele away. You're going to have to do better than that Mr. Bezos. 


If Amazon really wanted to make friends with indies it could offer them special wholesale pricing to actually carry books, which would then give it a large network of "showrooms" to sell from. Here is the latest list from Amazon's "editors." Click on the photo to link to the Amazon download area: