An author who says his book is a recipe for trouble wants it to go out of print.

The Anarchist Cookbook in SoftcoverIt's been 40 years since the first publication of The Anarchist Cookbook and author William Powell says enough is enough. He is no longer the angry young man who wrote about making explosives and is currently an educator who resides in Malaysia. He believes safety of students and teachers is paramount in education which, ironically, might be improved by taking his book out of print. The book has been linked to a number of violent crimes over the years, including the recent shooting incident involving Karl Pierson at a Colorado high school . 


The latest publisher, Delta Press, disagrees with Powell and claims that pulling the title would be the equivalent of banning it. They say they are against banning any books. A quick scan of their self-proclaimed "world's most outrageous catalog" shows they specialize in survivalist books about shooting, self-defense and preparing for a possible dystopian future. The Anarchist Cookbook seems to fit perfectly into their mix. Barnes & Noble and Amazon keep the book on their inventory list and it can be easily ordered online. 


Is an author wanting to withdraw his book from sale the same as banning it?