Pollsters disagree on how many Americans read e-books.


Harris Interactive, a division of Neilson, just did a study that showed 53% of all Americans now use e-books, with 6% of that group using e-books exclusively. About 50% of Americans still use print books. Meanwhile, competing Pew Research announced recently that only 28% of Americans use e-books.


Either way, we get it, more people use e-books than they did ten minutes ago. Of course if you look at the top-selling titles on Amazon or Barnes & Noble you will find the majority of them feature covers of half-clad, muscular men clutching equally proportioned beautiful women with torn bodices. Pollsters fear being politically incorrect by mentioning gender or species in their reporting, but booksellers and publishers alike might find it helpful to hear more detail than “generic Americans are using generic e-books for generic reading.” Just a generic suggestion.