Stepping Out of Time, just in time for summer reading.

My latest book is just out and available on Amazon. It's called Stepping Out of Time, and it is a story about youth, aging, friendship, hate, love, time, life, death, identity, demons, sex, smart people, dumb people, cops, cats, angels, more sex, World War I, good people, bad people, modern life and beings from an ancient Middle Eastern legend that come to life with devastating effects on a small suburban town....DEEP BREATH....but most of all it is just a fun summer read. 


Or so I've been told by readers who finished the pre-release version that came out this past May. I would love to hear what everyone here thinks of the story, and to help that along I've set up a half-off price code for the print edition. All that info is on my regular blog at I hope you will visit and take advantage of the offer and, if you do, please come back here to Booklikes and let others know.  


I will also soon make the e-book version available completely free (for a limited time) exclusively to my blog followers and everyone here in the Booklikes community. Details to follow. Unfortunately I can't do the same for print, but I would if I could. 


As some of you may know I spent a long career on the publishing (e-publishing mostly) side of the business and wrote a lot of non-fiction over the years. After being sidelined by a physical handicap, and taking on responsibility for raising my now 8-year-old granddaughter, I took to writing as a hobby in between laundry, cooking and trips to the school. The transition from one side of the aisle to the other has been truly eye-opening, and I will share some of that with all of you in article I'm writing exclusively for the Booklikes Blog. 


Of all the book communities on the internet today, I hope you agree that Booklikes is a truly warm and friendly place to visit thanks in no small part to the ongoing efforts of the site owners. Amid the turbulence of today's publishing industry, it's very comforting to have a place where there are so many people who share the same love of books and reading that I do. Also, a tip of the hat to those of you who write informative reviews that help guide the rest of us through the maze of new book titles available each month. 


Thanks for reading all this and I look forward to hearing both good and bad reviews in my new role as writer versus publisher. And apologies for this shameless bit of self-promotion but as someone once said, "...even penicillin would be useless if no one had ever heard about it."