Read for free on a new site for teen fiction (come on we all sneak one now and then)

I got a notification from Simon & Schuster today about a new teen fiction site they have that lets you read for free, comment and all that other social network stuff. More and more publishers are opting for freebies (as you can see from all the great reviews on here) and frankly that strikes as the true spirit of publishing even if it is kind of blatant commercialism.


So why is teen fiction (a horrid name) becoming so popular? Do young people outnumber oldsters these days? Hardly. It's popular for a simple reason - it's upbeat, fresh and isn't depressing. It offers hope. Well except for the dystopian stuff.  But you get the idea, it looks forward more than back.


If anyone gets on and tries it please let the rest of us know if you like it or not. I may try to do a regular WTC column on freebie sites in the future. I did find the "heart" thing a bit over the top and more YA than teen, but that's just me. Enjoy.