Love that book? Now you can wear it.

While browsing around the internet the other day I discovered something really new and unique. A company call Litographs creates "wearable literature" in the form of T-shirts. They use actual words from a book imprinted on the shirt along with a relevant graphic created by one of their artists.


The result is a unique new "media" that lets you show the world who your favorite authors are. They also produce posters, totes and gift cards with the same designs. 


Their newest creations are temporary tattoos with quotes and passages from your favorite books. This began as a Kickstarter campaign to raise $7,500 to develop the product, but it took off and they've already gotten over $45,000 in start-up funding.


If nothing else, it seems this could certainly bring an entirely new element to late-night reading habits. 


      The Great Gatsby  The Great Gatsby

If you go to their site and look at bigger photos of the shirts, you can
see that they are not grey - that is actual text from The Great Gatsby. 




I imagine people will find some very creative ways to use these tattoos.