Pirate editions of Stephen King's new book "Joyland" are already circulating

With all the concern about e-book piracy, it turns out that a print-only version is the item being circulated. King decided back in May not to allow an e-book version, so "pirates" took his print version anyway. Be cautious if you see links on the internet saying you can download the book - they are all bogus and will probably pull down a virus or spam. 


It's actually fairly common for big-name properties to be pirated, it's been going on for years. Much piracy originates out of Asia and publishers, movie makers and musicians alike have come to expect a certain amount of loss with new products.


Hard Case, the publisher for King's book, is taking the news calmly. They quickly point out that while they expect a small amount of piracy, they believe the vast number of book people are honest and would not steal. Kudos for that attitude. 


If you find anyone with a pirated copy of a book, any book, please do the right thing and report it to someone.